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October 2006

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Provide forensic engineering services for attorneys and the insurance industry. Provide professional engineering consultation services for the residential, commercial, and industrial sector. Design, engineer, and construct HVAC systems, plumbing systems, and utility conservation products for the residential, commercial, and industrial sector. Evaluate building mechanical and structural infrastructure. Advocate for utility conservation and more equitable energy, water, and sewer rates.


Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (B.S.M.E.), May 1981.

Western New England College, Springfield, MA, Master of Science in Engineering Management (M.S.E.M.), February 1987.

Computer Skills:
Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Amipro, Word & Fortran


C.M.F. Engineering, Inc., Longmeadow Massachusetts, President.
Business ventures of this corporation include energy management, HVAC design & controls, water & utility conservation, plumbing design, boiler design, chiller design, and building systems evaluation, mechanical systems' sound attenuation, forensic engineering, expert witness testimony, and energy/utility intervention (1985-present).

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Adjunct Professor, Western New England College, in Springfield, Massachusetts. Instuct materials science laboratory and energy management to Juniors, Seniors and Graduate Students.

Investigated and reported on a mold outbreak at a residence in central Connecticut on behalf of a prominent insurance company. As a result of my investigation, it was documented that the mold outbreak was caused by the negligent maintenance practices of the homeowner. The homeowner's inadequate care of their storm drain system resulted in excess water draining into the crawl space with moisture migrating throughout the home and condensing in the poorly ventilated attic, promulgating the mold outbreak.

Provided expert testimony before the Connecticut Siting Council on behalf of a group of residents opposing a 750 MW power plant in Southington, CT. My testimony included documentation of ground level fogging caused by large industrial evaporative water towers and recommendations for dry/wet cooling systems that would provide better available technologies and reduce water consumption by over 50%. My work contributed towards the power plant developer withdrawing the 500 million dollar project.

Investigated and reported on a structural dwelling failure of a home in Boston on behalf of a prominent insurance company. The home owner had claimed the problem was caused by wind damage. The problem was actually caused by the negligent maintenance practices of the homeowner. It was documented that the homeowner did not provide proper maintenance to the structural columns supporting the 3-story home resulting in settling and cracking of walls and ceilings.

Investigated and provided testimony for a carbon-monoxide poisoning incident that resulted from the improper use of an unlined brick chimney to vent a natural gas furnace. The chimney became blocked with crumbled brick, causing products of combustion to back up into the basement; the accumulating carbon monoxide caused permanent brain damage to occupants of the office building. The landlord was found negligent.

Investigated and provided testimony concerning an industrial mercury poisoning incident that resulted from the negligent design of a HVAC system by a registered professional engineer. The event resulted in over 40 factory workers

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being hospitalized, some with permanent brain damage. The professional engineer's insurance company settled the matter.

Consult for the ski industry in Vermont. Successfully established energy conservation and load management programs, and have established special contracts with utility companies in Vermont. Provided expert testimony to the Vermont Public Service Board and Department of Public Service concerning the request by two Vermont ski areas to receive special electricity contracts with Central Vermont Public Service for their snowmaking operations.

First Church of Christ, Longmeadow, MA: Worked on a professional basis as a consultant for the mechanical design upgrades as part of the renovation of the First Church of Christ in 1995.

First in Western Massachusetts to establish Time-of-Use (TOU) electric rates for commercial customers; successfully intervened against Northeast Utilities at Massachusetts Department of Public Utility Commission Hearings in 1990 and 1998-2000. In November '04, an agreement was reached with Northeast Utilities and the Office of the Attorney General Office putting forward a special contract for two houses of worship in the Western Massachusetts Electric territory.

First in the nation to establish residential dual fuel interruptible natural gas rates in 1994 resulting in a 25%-50% reduction in fuel costs. Intervened before the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities against Bay State Gas Company. The story was aired in a special segment broadcast on WFSB, Channel #3, 1/29/01.

Connecticut Maine Massachusetts
New Hampshire New Jersey New York
Pennsylvania Rhode Island Vermont

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Certified Energy Manager (C.E.M.), The Association of Energy Engineers.


~Association of Energy Engineers (AEE);
~The Association of Heating Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Engineers (ASHRAE);
~Building Officials & Code Administrators
International, Inc. (BOCA);
~Past President, Western Mass. Section, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Special Recognition for Professional Accomplishments:

The Computer Simulation and Performance Testing of a Baseboard Tubing Solar Panel, presented at the 22nd National Heat Transfer Conference at Niagara Falls, New York, August '84 (see enclosure B). The presentation featured a new type of baseboard tubing solar panel that I developed that is more cost-efficient. The presentation documented a detailed energy balance analysis modeling solar insolation using ASHRAE clear sky equations, factors for glazing transmission & reflectance, radiation losses, detailed equipment performance modeling, seasonal and hourly weather variation, transient heat load analysis and energy costs.

November 5, 1998, Atlanta Georgia, at the World Energy Engineering Congress, given by Energy User News for my engineering accomplishments in building energy efficiency. The Certificate of Merit in the Building Retrofit category was awarded for my contribution at Temple Beth El, in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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Technical Papers and Public Documents:

Wide Ranging Effort a Must to Avert Energy Crisis, this OP-ED article was featured in the Springfield Union News on 1/28/01(see enclosure D).

House Bill #2156, An Act Relative to Electric Utility Rates for Houses of Religious Worship in the Commonwealth was presented before the Joint Committee on Government Regulations, Joint Meeting with House & Senate, March 15, 2001 at the Massachusetts State House to establish greater equity in electric service for customers with prominent off-peak power users.

Testified before the Connecticut legislature. Established the right for marinas to subscribe to residential electric rates in the State of Connecticut. Bill signed into law by Governor Rowland in 2002.

Public Presentations:

Gave a presentation on energy conservation before the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission.

Gave energy conservation presentation before the Massachusetts Rental Housing Association.

Gave presentation to graduate students at Western New England College on well water air-conditioning and other energy topics.

Gave presentation to the National Ski Areas Association on energy efficiency at ski areas.
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Media Coverage:

Chez Josef Well Water Air-Conditioning, received recognition for work that was completed in the development of geothermal, well-water air-conditioning system at this landmark banquet facility in Agawam, MA. This was the first system of its kind to receive approval from the Massachusetts DEP. The project received $87,000 in funding through DSM programs sponsored by Western Massachusetts Electric Company.

~Springfield Union News, July 1992.
~Energy User News, October, 1992.

Recreational Interests:
Swimming, sailing, skiing, bicycling.

Charitable Affiliations:
~Chairman, Energy Committee, Temple Beth El, Springfield, MA;
~Co-Chairman, Longmeadow High School Renovation Task Force Committee
Longmeadow, MA.

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