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Medical Effects: Triph Fungal Infection

Triph Fungal Infection in a Wood Worker

Wood workers can be exposed to large amounts of particles which contain many irritating chemicals such as plicatic acid and bacterial endotoxin. A case study was presented of a non-immunocompromised wood worker in Florida who developed severe coughing, lung hemorrhage and lung abscess following infection with the wood fungus Ochroconis gallopavum. He recovered only after part of the upper right lung was
removed and he was given a 6 month course of the anti-fungal drug itraconazole.

- John Odell et al. Multiple lung abscesses due to Ochroconis gallopavum, a dematiaceous fungi, in a nonimunocompromised wood pulp worker. Chest
November 2000;118:1503-1505.

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